Big Smiles for all of the Campers

Big Smiles for all of the Campers

The cabins here are the best and are loaded for fun. You get your own picnic table to eat the stuff you bbq right off the grill. Inside the cabin you have one large bed and two bunk beds. The bunk beds are for kids or if you do not have them are perfect for extra storage.
Desmond I.

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So happy with the Camping

Excellent and really as good as central Florida camping can be. Much better than our kids figured and the bathroom cleaning zones are clean.

Priscilla K.

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

You can have birthday celebrations here, call them Swimming Pool parties. There is a main pool area with a water slide, splash pad, and hot tub. A great area for after theme park pleasures, and Fort Wilderness in general is a really fun place.

Jonas K.

Disney Campground

That's fantastic Florida Travel Commander on buying a tent screen-houses for shade! It is not cold here so I told kitty he can sleep outside, once the bully cat visiting hour has passed. Bully cat was here last night. He came right onto the porch when kitty was sitting on the couch ugh! Even Orlando has mega animals that are wild right at Fort Wilderness campground.

Brooks O.


Florida Travel Commander, will you please tell me what I should do to get a smartphone for Disney world? I need to have one so I can be available for phone calls at the Magic Kingdom Park as an example. I am not going to stay at this job without good wifi and tickets, plus good tent shade is key to the Fort Wilderness Resort stay.

Lashonda Q.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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